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Dr. Newland Needs YOUR Help!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Dr. Newland wants your input!

Dr. Newland has been asked to speak to a group of OTs, and she would like your input on the contents of her speech!

You can simply respond (click here) to her with your thoughts!

Information Below:

"Hi all,

Today's email is a little different, and I hope you don't mind.

I have the privilege of speaking with a group of OTs at the end of September. The presentation topic was completely up to me, so I decided to go with "The Forgotten Aspects of Stroke Recovery and How to Treat Them."

After spending the last two years talking with you, other stroke survivors, and caregivers, I've learned a lot about what should have been addressed in therapy that wasn't.

I'd like to include the topics of sex, mental health, and hope (to not perpetuate the myth that stroke recovery stops after one year). But I want to get your ideas, too!

Are there other things you wish therapists would have talked to you about during your rehab? This is your chance to directly inform the way therapists practice!

I greatly appreciate any feedback you have ❤️

Take care,


Medical Disclaimer: All content is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for medical advice or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider."

Email her HERE with your answers!



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