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HAMSTER: Upcoming New Technology For Stroke Survivors

This just in: Northern Arizona University is helping stroke survivors bounce back!

Reza Sharif Razavian, inspired by his grandparents' disabilities, aims to aid elderly and disabled individuals, receiving funding to develop a device for stroke survivors' enhanced recovery. Recognizing the complexity of stroke outcomes and the challenge of collecting comprehensive motor function data, Razavian introduces HAMSTER, a handheld device designed to continuously monitor patients' motor function. HAMSTER applies varying force levels to simulate real-world tasks and records patients' responses, offering personalized therapy insights. Razavian plans to prototype HAMSTER with a team and conduct clinical trials, hoping to highlight the significance of post-stroke motor assessment and advance personalized therapy for vulnerable populations.Isn’t this great news?! I receive this kind of information from NAU & ASU because I’ve participated in a number of research projects at both universities.That’s why it’s important for all of us to participate in these studies! Look at the results of just ONE project! I posted an article about the importance of our participating in these research studies a couple of years ago, check it out on the blog!

🌵 If you live in Arizona and are interested in learning whether you qualify for one of these projects, we will follow up on who to contact! Hit reply to this e-mail to let us know.



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