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It's our 1 year anniversary!

July is our anniversary month! It came as a big surprise to me when Rachel, my graphic designer, announced that this month marked the one-year anniversary of my blog! I certainly want to thank all of you for your loyal support for this past year! I’m very appreciative!

Thanks to your recommending the blog to others, as well as Rachel’s great work designing the blog and her tireless work on social media, the number of subscribers has increased on a monthly basis - and we’re now in Canada, India, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and Brazil, as well as the U.S.! Very exciting!

I can’t thank y’all enough for your continued interest, as well as your admirable dedication to your full recovery! I hope you have enjoyed the articles covering things from therapy to helpful devices to alternative methods of recovery to participating in studies and more.

And finally, during this COVID-19 stay-at-home public health protocol... Please... be well, stay safe, and... wash your hands stay at home - as much as you can and wear your mask, as you wear a seatbelt ---to protect yourself and others.

Have a lovely day everyone. Thank you so much again! Maureen



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