Below you can find the top ten products I use every day to help me through my recovery process. Feel free to check them out!

I hope you find them useful.


Euro Lens Cleaner

This lens bath is just great! I use it everyday to clean my glasses on my own, one of the many helpful things that help me gain back my independence. Inexpensive and easy to use.

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These are very helpful. As you can see in the photo they are useful in many places and activities!


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Door Rod

This is a great way to help with doors!!


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Under the Counter

Can Opener

Handy for us one-handers and easy to use. Helps us keep up our strength too!


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Auto S&P Grinders

These are pretty self explanatory but a wonderful addition none the less! Automatic salt and pepper grinders.


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Gait Belt

Where oh where would I be without my gait belt? As you can see in the video to the left, this is VERY handy for those of us learning to regain our balance and get back on our feet.


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There is a simpler version, you can click here to view that. It is the version you see around my waist in the video to the left.


Paper Towel Holder

This is a great for anyone needing to use paper towels and tear with one hand - this one auto locks! Love it.


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Hair Dryer Stand

This is the best! I can do my hair and dry it all with ONE HAND! I have tried several and this one works the best.

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The Handy Dandy Seam Ripper

I mention a few of my must-have everyday products here. Something I use absolutely every single day is my seam ripper.

Check them out here.


Lock Laces

These things are indispensable, I am so grateful to my OT that showed them to me. 

Check them out here.


Handy Caddy

A quick and easy invention, but a "handy" one at that!​

Click here.



This lapboardbook weightrubber shelf liner and large rubber bands are lifesavers. Watch the video to check out a handy combination of these items to help your everyday.

Check out Dr. Todd's book

Mindful Loving here.


Universal Table Vise

I use this table vise daily. It helps me open small items with the help of a few other handy tools.

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