Below you can find products I use every day to help me through my recovery process. Feel free to check them out! I hope you find them useful, share them with others!


The Handy Dandy

Seam Ripper

I mention a few of my must-have everyday products here. Something I use absolutely every single day is my seam ripper.

Check them out here.


Lock Laces

These things are indispensable, I am so grateful to my OT that showed them to me. 

Check them out here.


Handy Caddy

A quick and easy invention, but a "handy" one at that!​

Click here.



This lapboard, book weight, rubber shelf liner and large rubber bands are lifesavers. Watch the video to check out a handy combination of these items to help your everyday.

Check out Dr. Todd's book

Mindful Loving here.


Universal Table Vise

I use this table vise daily. It helps me open small items with the help of a few other handy tools.

Click here to check it out on Amazon.


Wet/Dry Razor

This is a great tool for anyone that needs a little assistance shaving, like us! It's very handy and works effortlessly. 

Check it out here.


One-Handed Paring Board with Vise

This thing is great. Especially for opening larger items. I don't cook nowadays, but there is a handy tool on this cutting board too! Watch the video to see.

Get the board, click here.



Now we all know what these are. I actually suggest a certain type depending on if you are male or female. The male version below is a bit heavier, while the female is lightweight.

Men's Walker | Woman's Walker


Active Hands

Mark Ritter in Sedona is responsible for showing me this lovely gadget. It helps build my arm strength back in areas like the tricep that are particularly difficult. 

Check out Active Hands on Amazon!


Bioness L300 Go

This device may be a bit pricey, but it sure is amazing. It helps people overcome instances such as foot drop, also called drop foot.

Click here for the Bioness website.


Please note that I may receive commissions when you click any of these links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. I do my very best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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