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Curled Toes & Sandals

Updated: Jun 9

What do they have in common?!

Actually, they have nothing in common, yet…

…working together, they can certainly help with a complication you may have!

I currently have curled toes, especially when I’m in the shower!  Not a good place for curled toes!  

WHY do we have curled toes? Spasticity

WHY are they a problem? 

  • Safety. Since your foot doesn’t rest flatly on the floor/in your shoes; there’s a propensity to fall due to instability. 

  • Pain. Just think about trying to walk on feet where ½ of your toes are tucked under the other ½ !  Ouch!


I got to thinking…my toes don’t curl at all, or not as much, when I’m wearing shoes!

I thought…waterproof shoes!

I wanted something easy to don, priced reasonably & had non-slick soles.

And, of course, they had to be CUTE🙂

So, here’s what I found…

I love them and they work great!  

No more curled toes in the shower!!!


PT for Curled Toes!

If you’re inclined to find a permanent solution, there are great PT exercises on YouTube you can do at home!

YouTube is a great resource for stroke recovery exercises you can perform at home!

HOWEVER, make sure the therapist teaching the exercise is neuro-trained!  Not all of them are.

My two personal favorites are: 


PHYSICAL therapy: ( PT = LOWER body )

Tara Tobias, PhD

Rehab HQ


OCCUPATIONAL therapy: ( OT = UPPER body )

Elyse Newland, PhD

Post Stroke 

As you can see, although Elyse deals with the upper body, she sometimes posts exercises for the lower part!

I love the work these professionals perform because:

  • They both have earned a Ph.D, so they’ve intensely studied their respective neuro disciplines;

  • Both are practicing therapists, so they’re up-to-date on new rehab strategies, as well as stroke survivors’ and their caregivers’ concerns & successes; and…

  • Both have pleasant personalities; they’re compassionate; and clear and concise in their communication & demonstration of the exercises.



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