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In Home Exercises - Part One

As requested, I’m providing you with your first set of in—home exercises. These have been resurrected from a series of exercise videos from my earlier recovery days, as well as a couple of recent ones. There are more videos to come.

Some of these videos involve equipment you’d need to purchase. If your budget cannot manage these expenses, the next set of videos I’ll be filming will involve exercises free from devices.

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the Flint Rehab website for a massive display of device-free-in-home exercises. They do sell certain products, but their online exercises are device-free. Their newsletter is excellent as well, so I encourage you to join their free mailing list as well!

Hopefully, these exercises will not only help you recover, but they’ll provide a healthy endeavor for you during the COVID-19 public health stay-at-home recommendation for your protection, as well as your loved ones and the general public.

Take care and stay safe, everyone!




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