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FREE Resources for Stroke Survivors

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hello fellow stroke survivors, friends, caregivers and providers. Below you will find a list of amazing resources for stroke survivors that I recommend!

The Brain Blog on the site has over 70 articles for you to explore as well as my YouTube channel with 43 videos!

Hope this helps!


Dr. Elyse Newland, OT

Dr. Newland is on many platforms and has amazing helpful advice and videos for you to check out. Click here to dive into her offerings!


YouTube: Rehab HQ

Enjoy weekly videos (over 300 to date) from Rehab HQ - amazing for us stroke survivors on the subjects of: movement, neuroplasticity, science, empowerment, positivity and more!


Flint Rehab has a lot of great information, mainly text based for you and your caregivers, friends and family to read.


Dr. Tom is a stroke survivor "assembling a team that includes stroke coordinators, people with aphasia, speech language pathologists, and others to help build the public-facing infrastructure of the healthcare system to show the public about aphasia, a widespread language disorder, typically from a stroke, that most people have never heard of". Check him out! Click here.

That's all for now! Enjoy!




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