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The Spine-Brain Connection

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

The Science of Chiropractic Neurology

Part One

By: Dr. Trevor Berry and Maureen Harrop

What is a Chiropractic Neurologist?

A Chiropractic Neurologist has advanced and extensive training in the field of Neurology. They are board certified through the ACNB (American Chiropractic Neurology Board) and are required to complete an additional 300+ hours of study and pass a vigorous 4-day exam to attain certification. They are trained in cutting edge neuroscience, neurological pathways, and the most effective neurological therapies as science defines them. A Chiropractic Neurologist looks at the patient in a different light. It’s not just about pain and your spine. It’s about how your entire system works together to create the most optimal function for you day after day.

How is a chiropractic neurologist different than a medical neurologist or a neurosurgeon?

Chiropractic neurologists, medical neurologists and neurosurgeons differ greatly in their methods of treatment.

The neurologist will prescribe medications or injections. The neurosurgeon uses surgery to correct a condition. The chiropractic neurologist uses medication free and non-surgical treatment methods.

Many conditions of the brain and nervous system do not respond well to aggressive interventions such as drug therapy or surgery. Additionally, the drug therapies used by medical neurologists, and surgical interventions of the neurosurgeon often carry increased risk for serious complications or dangerous side effects.

For this reason, chiropractic neurologists fill a unique and significant role in treating brain and nervous system disorders using safe and effective methods producing lasting health benefits.

What is the difference between a Chiropractor and a Chiropractic Neurologist?

In addition to the lack of extensive neurological training, chiropractors believe that nearly all diseases are caused by issues with the spine. They don’t believe they need any diagnostic tools. Traditional testing done by medical doctors and hospitals is not even considered by a chiropractor as being necessary. Diagnosis is done by finding the subluxations in the spine so that those can be corrected.

The added neuro training combines the two – the essential connection between the spine to the brain.

Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center

Visit the site --> for more amazing information.


Maureen’s Personal Examples of Working with the Spine-Brain Connection:

In addition to the regular laser combined with oxygen treatments to heal my damaged brain and reduce the inflammation, below you will find others.

BLACKOUTS: I begin working with Dr. Berry approximately 15 years ago. I initially saw him for a problem I had experienced for 30 years. I had already been seen by neurologists at Mayo in Scottsdale, as well as neurologist in New York City. I already had MRIs, Brain scans and all kinds of other bring testing. None of them could figure out what my problem was, nor how to resolve it. The problem I was attempting to cure was a series of blackouts, for no apparent reason. The blackouts would only last from 1-5 seconds, this is from what people told me who witnessed my blackouts. Dr. Berry diagnosed my problem immediately and has repaired it completely! I have not had another blackout since I saw him 15 years ago!

SPINE-BRAIN CONNECTION: One day while reading one of my books on strokes, I learned that spasticity (my hand, for instance) is initiated in the SPINE, not the BRAIN! It then transfers that communication to the brain. I was astounded! I double checked with Dr. Berry and he confirmed that was the case. As explained in this book, due to the damage created by the stroke, spasticity is the body’s way of “protecting the individual from harm” via the spine-brain connection. This is just one example of the beauty of Chiropractic Neurologists.

*The book is Stronger After Stroke by Peter Levine, click here to find it on Amazon.

ACID REFLUX: I have recurring acid reflux. Dr. Berry is able to control it with a simple manipulation of the thoracic area in my back. Before my stroke, he taught me to do home exercises with a foam roller, concentrating on the thoracic area, that accomplishes the same result as his spinal manipulation. I have a difficult time using the foam roller these days, so I’m able to get his help on that each time I see him.

MEMORY/WORD RETRIEVAL: Memory issues and word retrieval are constant issues with me since my stroke. Dr. Berry conducts specific ocular exercises to activate those areas of my brain each time I see him; and he then gives me exercises to do at home to accomplish the same thing.

If the ‘ocular exercises’ term is unfamiliar to you, this information from an article on may help you understand --> CLICK HERE.

The Eye-Brain Connection

We don’t think of the eyes as being an extension of the brain, but they are! In fact, eye health can mirror brain health. New research shows certain eye exams can determine the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, two recent studies show there is a way of detecting signs of Alzheimer’s in a patient’s eyes in a matter of seconds. A new imaging device called optical coherence tomography angiography was used in the research studies. It enables physicians to see the smallest veins in the back of the eye. Since the optic nerve connects the eyes to the brain, researchers believe the eyes mirror the changes going on in the brain.

The results show people with Alzheimer’s have altered, small blood vessels in their retina at the back of the eye. Even people who simply have a family history of Alzheimer’s, but no signs of the illness showed altered red blood vessels.

COLLARBONE: When I broke my collarbone in March of 2018, my shoulder doctor was astounded, and had never heard about the healing power of cold lasers. Cold lasers helped me TREMENDOUSLY during my recovery and still do.

*See information below about this special cold laser, under the section on Brain Inflammation and Repair below.

SPASMS: Since my stroke, I have had many serious leg spasms and body spasms. Dr. Berry prescribed a set of eye exercises to do at home, which not only prevents them, but stops them in their tracks! For instance, I had to go to the Flagstaff ER last year due to a serious UTI and while being treated, the spasms began with force! I did the exercises with Jane (they require 2 people) and the spasms stopped immediately! No kidding!

UTI’s: I’ve had a series of UTIs since my stroke in 2015. He is treating me for these, as well as my best friend who’s had interstitial cystitis for 12 years. My success has been less dramatic than hers, but he continues to work on it. If you are interested in more about pelvic floor balance after your stroke, click here to read an article from one of the pro's!

Laser Therapy at AZ Chiropractic Neurology Center

BRAIN INFLAMMATION & REPAIR: Since my stroke occurred, Dr. Berry has been treating my brain with a cold laser (pictured to the left), coupled with oxygen, to reduce the inflammation in my brain and help it heal. This is a relatively new, cutting-edge treatment that’s being written about in medical journals throughout the world.

These are just a few of my healing stories. My friend, Cheryl, has many other stories. She’s the one who referred me to Dr. Berry. Bottom line, there are so many ways to treat disorders without drugs - through improving brain functioning.

Part two comes next week - stay tuned!

Do you have any experience with cold lasers or strengthening the spine-brain connection? Let us know in a comment below! Together we can all help each other.

Thank you all for reading, without you this wouldn't be possible!

Have a most wonderful day,




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