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Being a stroke survivor during COVID19

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished, if you're alive - it isn't.”

Richard Bach

The Stroke Association in the UK has released an amazing article on COVID-19 advice for stroke survivors and states it will be updated regularly. There are also many other publications with helpful information out there during this time as you will read below.

Some topics to be covered by this article via the Stroke Association.

1. Information on coronavirus for stroke survivors

2. Staying healthy and avoiding infection

3. Managing loneliness and isolation

4. Emotional health and well being while staying at home

5. Staying active when you’re staying at home

First, as stroke survivors, we are at a larger risk of dealing with complications like pneumonia if you do contract the coronavirus. EVERYONE is different, and as stated by the article, “if you have other health conditions, you also need to check how this affects you”. As the site and many others are already suggesting, including the CDC and WHO - stay home as much as possible especially if you are in a particularly vulnerable group.

Second - do your best to protect your health and avoid infection by staying home. Ask others for help with groceries to leave at the door if they can, and if you absolutely need to leave your home, wear a mask and gloves. “It’s important for stroke survivors to follow the latest advice on staying home and away from other people.” Protect your health at all costs. If you have ANY stroke symptoms don’t hesitate to call 911!

A great article on how to maintain loneliness and isolation (not to mention the stir-crazy) has been published by It suggests maintaining a daily structure - which I’m sure can be hard for some of us that are not used to being in one place a lot! I miss my therapy and therapists a lot but I'm happy to be safe in my home with Jane. Keeping a realistic, objective point of view, deepening your relationships and more are included in these suggestions. Click here to check out the full article.

Emotional health, well being and staying active while stuck at home can all be a bit challenging. Try reading this article from Flint Rehab on hand exercises for survivors to do at home. Try a meditation app, brain app like Lumosity, write in a journal, read this self-care article I wrote for more tips (though we can’t go visit friends right now - we can facetime!).

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) has an article out there for those of us in the USA as well, you can read that by clicking here. This is chalk full of information for us in vulnerable groups, what to do, assistance, who to contact, and links to your local state/government agencies.

I hope all this helps you a bit, it sure has helped me and I have the time to sit around and read it all right now! How are you all doing? Write in and let us know! Lots of helpful gadgets to check out on the site, therapy videos, and more helpful articles if you are interested. Have a wonderful day!


*Please note, these lists and information are not at all inclusive. Consult your medical provider for any other symptoms or questions concerning yourself specifically.



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