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Lock Boxes - A Life Saver: LITERALLY!

It's literally a life saver! A lock box is a rectangular plastic box that is affixed to your home, near the front door. It holds a spare key to the door, in case of an emergency.

Local fire departments sell these to homeowners, install them, and have a key to open the box, if needed in an emergency.

Lock Box at our Cabin in AZ
Lock Box at our Cabin in AZ

This saves them valuable time, and money for the homeowner, because if the door is locked, they will either have to remove the hinges on the door, or break the door down to reach you in an emergency.

One only needs to CALL their local fire department to secure one.

When I had my stroke, I didn't have one of these, but wish I had as our front door was locked, BUT the back door wasn't! Read more about that story by clicking here.

Click here to see an article put out by ABC15 last June about obtaining lock boxes.

Thanks for reading - hope it helps! Enjoy the rest of your week.




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