The MAGIC of the Active Hands Company!

I discovered these magical products during my first months of recovery at SWAN Rehab in Phoenix, Arizona. Why are they magical? The reasons are multi-faceted...

  • MIND-READERS: It is as though they read survivors’ minds of what we needed/wanted to return to a higher activity level, thus enhancing our recovery! Some survivors used a gym regularly pre-stroke, so the opportunity to return to even a limited measure of gym work is a gift - one provided for by the Active Hands company! Again, these unique products provide another avenue for improving our bodies and minds!

  • EASE OF USE: I can easily slip on their products, except the Active Hand, which requires me to obtain assistance from my therapist, personal trainer, or caregiver to do it on my left hand; but, it’s well worth that very simple effort! (See an example of this in the video below, or click here.)

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The Active Hand and all their products are made of high quality materials that will last you a very long time!

  • UNIQUE: You cannot find anything like these products - anywhere else - and I’ve looked!

  • DURABLE/LONG-LASTING: I’ve owned my Active Hand and other gym devices for over 4 years and they look and perform like new!

  • FUNCTIONAL & PRACTICAL: Again, have they read our minds?! Brilliant! You can’t find more functional products than these!

  • BENEFICIAL TO RECOVERY: We couldn’t recover the diminished strength in our arms and hands if it weren’t for these unique products! I currently use their gym products as an aid for my hand.

  • EMOTIONAL BENEFITS: I experience a sense of pride and self-worth every time I use these products to improve my current condition! I feel as though I’ve recovered some of my old positive feelings of being in shape and healthy! Actually, it’s hard to describe, but that’s the best I can do! ☺️


In my experience...

  • Occupational Therapist, Mark Ritter at N.A. Medical Group/Entire Care, Sedona, AZ

  • Occupational Therapist Alyssa Bowen, formerly of SWAN Rehab, Phoenix, AZ

  • Personal Trainer, Brielle Carter, at Ability 360, Phoenix, AZ


I love their Gripping Aids, click here to view them.

I also love their Looped Exercise Aids, click here to view those.

GYM (at Ability 360)

  • Rowing Machine: Since I cannot grip yet, the Active Hands gym devices provide that task so I can increase the strength in my bicep, tricep and shoulder. For instance, I’m able to get a full workout of these areas when I use the rowing machine. If I didn’t have these products, my hand would literally fall off the left handle, thus providing me with zero strengthening on my left limb.

  • Weighted Bar: This bar adds weight in order to strengthen those 3 areas of your limb. Holding onto it and raising it over your head requires you to grip it. Otherwise, you’d be strengthening those muscles on your non-affected side.

  • I also use this with free weights, weighted rods, and all machines requiring me to grip a bar.

  • I also use this for golfing.

Here I am with Mark Ritter at Entire Care in Sedona, AZ using the Active Hand to help my weak triceps.

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Have you used the Active Hand or another helpful device?

Let me know in a comment below, or e-mail me! We would love to hear about it and share with other survivors so we can all help each other recover and live again. A new Top Ten page is coming out next week - stay tuned!

Have an amazing day!