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Stop Nose Bleeds Fast!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

These stop nosebleeds in 20 minutes flat!

If you’re on blood thinners, even a 325mg aspirin, like I am, you may experience nosebleeds.

I’ve experienced chronic nosebleeds since my stroke, and when I was in the acute rehab facility, I was rushed to their ER to stop a stubborn one. The nurse wasn’t trained how to manage them, so she sent me to the ER at the hospital next door.

The amazing doctors at the ER used one of these nose clips to stop it in 20’ so I asked my partner/caregiver to buy some the next day!

They instructed me to:

  • PLACE it right under that bump in the upper part of my nose;

  • KEEP it there for 20’;

  • NOT to touch it during that time;

  • After 20 minutes, it had stopped!

I’ve used them ever since with great success!.

They’re inexpensive and they WORK!

You can’t beat that!



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