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The Eyes Have It: Stroke Recovery

Updated: Feb 27

“The eyes are the windows to your soul.”

William Shakespeare

Did you know… Our eyes are not only the ‘windows to our soul,’ they’re also connected to our brain via the optic nerve, and other pathways. Your eyes are an extension of brain function?

Would you believewhen you move your eyes in various ways, specific parts of the brain are activated?  

Additionally, eye movements can diagnose and treat damaged areas.

When eye movements are administered by a trained professional, the effect is a clarity you wouldn’t believe! Reason being, by activating damaged/affected areas of the brain due to stroke, your affected areas work better and better with each treatment.

Can you imagine how our brains could be improved by such a simple, yet powerful method, without drugs?!  

I have yet to work with a M.D. (traditional) neurologist who’s familiar with this concept; and I have worked with a number of them - while living in NYC, as well as here in Flagstaff and here in the Phoenix area with doctors at well-known, prominent clinics.     

There is hope though! There’s a group of highly-trained doctors called chiropractic neurologists, all without drugs…..

→ What are Chiropractic Neurologists? (Read more here.

My chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Trevor Berry, can study my eyes for a few seconds and sometimes do a couple of tests, and know precisely what is going on in my brain and what areas need to be addressed during our session! He then creates a plan for the session that includes eye movements, memory exercises for both the left and right hemispheres, and ends the session with a laser treatment (click here), combined with oxygen.

When I leave his office, my brain feels clearer and more balanced than ever!

I’m very fortunate to have found this doctor. He’s so talented that he lectures all over the world, sharing his research and innovative treatment for people like us; as well as teaching other doctors how to do what he does.

To locate a chiropractic neurologist in your area, visit: or

Or, if you live in the Phoenix area, my doctor is accepting new patients. However, these gifted doctors are not covered by insurance

My doctor’s contact info:

Trevor Berry, DC, DACNB

📲 (480) 756-2600

📍 3800 W. Ray Rd, Suite 12

Chandler, AZ 85226



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